Architects and designers are able to place sample requests for over 1700 brands through one platform. The unique process of our platform allows the Architect or Designer to be able to do this simply, while simultaneously connecting with their local manufacturer's rep.

Let's walk through how this works.

Sample Order Process

Step 1:

Architect or Designer places a sample order from many brands at once, using our simple 1 cart checkout system.

Step 2:

Sample order requests are broken out on our backend by manufacturer and the rep assignments for that designer.

Step 3:

Samples are immediately sent to the rep who covers the designer (more on how reps are assigned here). The requests belonging to each rep get routed to them after placing the order. This is an example of what that email communication looks like:

Step 4:

We let each brand own the relationship and fulfill the order however they best see fit. Sometimes it is fulfilled from a central sample department, sometimes the rep mails it, or drops it off at the office, and sometimes they will ship via a sample fulfillment company like Material Bank. We aren't in the business of shipping samples, we are in the business of connecting the commercial design community to the amazing reps that support those designers and architects every single day.

This video explains the entire process from beginning to end. Hope that helps!

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