Carbon Neutral

Being carbon neutral is the process of removing as much carbon from the atmosphere as it takes to produce the material so that the net result is no carbon being released into the atmosphere, which reduces our dependence on fossil fuels. A company, a product, or a building can be carbon neutral.

  • Requirement: publicly published data that proves a product or company is carbon neutral. Data can include a LCA, EPD, or Corporate Sustainability Report that demonstrates carbon neutrality.

Certified MWOB

A business that is owned at least 51% by women or minorities. This certification promotes economic and social development in communities.

  • Requirement: Certified by MWBE Enterprises, or documentation that the business is 51% owned by women or people of color.

Made in USA

A product that is assembled and manufactured in the USA.

  • Requirement: publicly available documentation that a product is assembled and/or manufactured in the United States.

Made in PNW

A product that is assembled and manufactured in the Pacific Northwest. Source was founded in Portland, and the Pacific Northwest has a special place in our hearts.

  • Requirement: publicly available documentation that a product is assembled and/or manufactured in Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, or Alaska

Product Take-Back Program

A manufacturer that has a program established to take back their products at the end of their lifecycle. Frequently these products are recycled by the manufacturer into a new product, which reduces the amount of natural resources consumed.

  • Requirement: publicly available documentation that a manufacturer has established procedures for consumers to return products at the end of their life.

Social Sustainability: B-Corp

A B-Corp is a for-profit company that has verified company-wide policies and processes that prioritize quality of life of employees and long term environmentally friendly practices.These policies are required to be legally binding to insure these values continue regardless of who is acting as CEO.

  • Requirement: a current B-Corp certification that is publicly documented.

Social Sustainability: Just Label

A voluntary “nutrition” label for organizations that discloses how the organization treats their employees and the benefits offered to employees. It is a certification that promotes corporate transparency and accountability.

  • Requirement: a current JUST Label that is publicly available on the International Living Future Just Label website.

Sustainable Manufacturing Process

These companies are taking active steps to reduce the environmental damage of the manufacturing process. This includes initiatives such as waste diverted from landfills, water use reduction, renewable energy usage, reduced carbon emissions, etc. 

  • Requirement: publicly published documentation (including Cradle to Cradle certification) that shows a manufacturer has verifiable and quantifiable data on company-wide sustainable practices. Including but not limited to: diverted waste, renewable energy used or produced, reduced water use, reduced carbon emissions, etc.

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