We are so excited to release our newest feature: Free Visual Mockups.

You know all that time you spend creating process mockups, Photoshop renders, InDesign and Illustrator tweaks? So that you, your team, or your client visualize products and make more informed decisions? We're here to help make all of that a little easier.

Now, through the Source platform you can leverage our robust image data, product files, helpful staff and proprietary digital tools to have these assets created for you!

Here's how it works:

The free "Request Mockups" feature is available inside any of your Source Projects.

Select the project you would like to request visual mockups for, and you'll see the new "Request Mockups" button.

Once you click that, you'll be presented with 6 options to select from. Photo, Furniture, Exterior, Scheme Options, Plan or Elevation.

Simply fill out the form for the option that most closely represents what you are looking for and we'll do the rest!

Here are examples of what to expect when you submit for a Free Visual Mockup Request through your Source Project.

Furniture Mockup Example

Exterior Mockup Example

Scheme Options Mockup Example

Plan Mockup Example

Elevation Mockup Example

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