The built environment is the setting for all our lives,

From the jaw-droppingly beautiful to the austerely functional, commercial architecture and design is around us wherever we work, eat, socialize, stay, shelter and travel through.

Even when we aren’t consciously paying attention to it, the built environment fundamentally influences our behavior, experience, and even well-being. It has a latent power, playing an active role in our lives.

Architects and Designers exert enormous influence over these spaces through product specifications. Every year, their specification decisions impact:

$429B of US GDP spend

170M tons US waste

39% of global carbon emissions

The experience of every human being who ever leaves their home.

So it makes sense for buildings to be designed and built the best way they can be. It’s better for everyone – designers, constructors, owners, and those who will eventually occupy the buildings.

And yet, with everyone involved working under unnecessary stress and pressure, critical information needlessly slips through cracks in the process.

We believe that it’s time for improvement that goes far beyond the merely incremental.

We will always remember that the built environment is not inanimate.

These are human designs. Spaces created for life; in anticipation of our needs, and to support our potential. Not empty, but filled with existence. Conversation and debate. Trials and sorrow. Laughter, love and achievement. Creativity and knowledge.

For all our benefit, they must be the best we can possibly make them.

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This article is an excerpt of Source Manifesto which can be read in full here.

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