• What is the Source Capture chrome extension? Source’s chrome extension is a tool that allows users to clip product data, including images, brand names, product names, finishes, etc and add them directly to their Source Projects.

  • Is it free? Yes, it is free to download. In order to capture products you will also need to to be signed in your Source account. If you do not have a Source account, you will need to apply for a free account first.

  • How do I add a product? There is a step by step guide available here to walk you through adding products.

  • Once I’ve added a product, where does it go? Once you have finished adding product information into the clipper and select the “Clip This” button, your item will automatically be added to the project you selected.

  • Can I edit products after they’re added? Yes, you can edit all captured items by going to your project in list form, and selecting the “Edit” button on the right side of the product listing.

  • Can I order samples and contact reps for these products? Absolutely! The team at Source is here to assist you with this step! You can add any items you are interested in getting samples of to your basket, and when you check out, our team will do our best to get you a sample of the off-catalog item!

  • Do I have to put information in all of the fields? No, you can fill in as many or as few fields as you want. If you wish to order a sample through Source, we may need more information if you do not fill in all of the relevant fields.

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